Type E Bearings: Toughness and Economy

Almost every industry uses bearings, but sometimes designers need tough, heavy-duty units that operate reliably in the harshest environments. Type E bearings are a perfect fit for these conditions, rolling smoothly in spite of debris, dirt, water, chemicals, and high temperatures.

The other key benefit is that the rolling elements are Timken Tapered Roller bearings which can accommodate  high radial and thrust loading.

At Action Bearing, Type E units are among our top sellers for their cost-effective, efficient design. The key is the housing: these units protect their bearings with sturdy steel, cast iron, or other rugged materials — providing exceptional performance throughout the life of the bearing.

Two Main Types of Units

There are two primary designs for Type E bearings: standard style and split housing. Standard units feature a single, solid shaft-ready housing while split units consist of two separate housings, providing better flexibility in difficult settings

  • Standard Type E Style Mounted Units —Tough material construction makes these units an excellent choice for high-capacity applications, with specialty bearings available to accommodate temperatures up to 350°F.

All standard Type E bearings come pre-lubricated and completely assembled, ready to take on radial, thrust, and shock loads. Advanced applications and industries like mining, water treatment, mills, and shredders demand such strong bearings.

  • Split Housing Type E Mounted Units — The split construction style of these units allows them to accommodate misalignment up to ±4°. They are available in expansion designs for overlong linear shafts, ensuring maximum positive contact and exceptional performance.

Split housing units minimize downtime with drop-in replacements inserts, allowing for fast, easy maintenance while keeping the housing base fixed and aligned. Available in iron or steel, split housing units thrive in applications for the toughest industries such as forestry, marine, fans and blowers, and cement.

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After 50 years spent providing the finest roller and bar bearings in the industry, Action Bearing is well-versed in every type of bearing solution. Our latest eBook on Type E mounted bearings outlines additional details about standard and split housing styles, as well as vital information about mounting, lubrication, shelf life, and more.

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