Amusement Parks

X0hwMpmWlKQW7Fo4Q0Sri6zjRZyBKYR0qS84W0RodaE,ppP-vomPUyHV3srEwc9a4wNcm1vzIgS43yRauIQ_eTUThe amusement industry requires the best quality at a reasonable price, i.e. value. Whether it be for a Roller coaster or a portable ride.

Special solutions: Polymer lubricants that stop failures and reduce downtime.


Golf Carts / Go Karts

recreation1Bearings for the cart industry must be able to withstand outdoor environments.

Special solutions: Mounted units with triple lip seals and ball bearings with full contact sealing.


Ski Area Maintenance

K-ces_zWsyFAlbFFrRcki1ndZL5yfeZaSGyU4jT1sjs,zjfVPeNFxGwkTzOj7t2C3D_2bVCUBcc3X5zf9syVkwEThe key to ski area maintenance is 24 hour service, product knowledge and the ability to find the right bearing at the right price. Whether it be for lifts, groomers or bullwheels.

Special solutions: We carry full line of bearings for Riblet, Yan, Hall and other manufacturers. Member of the NSAA. Call for a complete list of part numbers.


Fitness/Fishing Reels

recreation3Sports equipment requires high quality, long life and a good price/performance ratio.

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