Bearings 101

ebook thumbBearing Basics
In our Bearing Type Basics Resource Library, we have provided a series of informational tools to assist you in finding the right bearing. Inside are guides and manuals that include informational articles on commonly used bearings, fundamental topics of importance to bearing specifiers and users, and tips on bearing selection, failure analysis, mounting procedures, and more.

ebook thumbHandy Charts & Tools
We know how important it is to finish your project in a timely fashion and with the utmost precision. That’s why we have compiled our resources into a library of useful tools and charts to help streamline your process. This includes charts containing valuable information about bearing types and their corresponding shaft and housing diameters, the difference in bearing types with regard to load, accuracy, speed, noise, and friction, and many more.

spindle interchange centered 1Super Precision Bearings 

The unique and customized design of spindles have enabled cross machine performance ranging from positioning to spinning activities. In the spindle interchange guide you will find spindle interchange bearing specifications for various contact angles, cage types, and bearing arrangements. View the guide to learn more about these super precision solutions.