Introducing Our Super Precision Bearings

At Emerson Bearing, we are pleased to announce that we now carry the new Super Precision product line, which includes both roller bearings and ball bearings. Comprised of over 200 bearings across nine different product lines, this is a truly exciting addition to our catalog.

Benefits of Super Precision Bearings

Super-Precision-Bearings-1.jpgAmong the highest-quality roller and ball bearings available today, the Super Precision line can meet the needs of many unique applications.

Super Precision products have extremely tight tolerances; in fact, their preload tolerances are among the industry’s tightest, helping to prevent chatter and costly secondary machining requirements. Tight width tolerances allow for easy fit without the need to regrind end caps. These bearings also meet ABEC9/ISO P2 axial running tolerances.

Super Precision bearings are manufactured from clean steel and pre-lubricated with high-performance grease, allowing for longevity and reliability. With smoother machine operation and reduced downtime, roller and ball bearings ensure smooth, optimal performance.

Serving Diverse Industries

The versatility of Super Precision roller and ball bearings allows them to be used in a wide range of industries and applications.

In the woodworking industry, for instance, Super Precision bearings are particularly useful for machine tooling spindles, allowing for accurate preload prior to mounting. They also reduce machine noise and vibration, particularly at low or mid-range speeds, and resist damage caused by sudden starts and stops. With higher speed capability, superior rigidity, reduced energy consumption, reduced frictional heat, and reduced centrifugal and inertial forces within the bearing, the Super Precision line is an ideal choice for woodworking applications.

In the automotive industry and other transportation applications, Super Precision provides similar benefits — vibration and noise reduction, increased service life, and decreased maintenance. Able to be employed in a vast range of applications, the roller bearings are ideal for use in differentials, transmissions, clutches, and constant velocity joints, while the ball bearings can be used in air conditioning systems, steering systems, and wheel bearings.

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For over 50 years, Emerson Bearing Co. has been a premier bearing and rolling solutions distributor, offering only the highest-quality, most reliable products for our clients worldwide. We’re proud to add Super Precision ball and roller bearings to our extensive catalog.

To learn more about Super Precision roller bearings and ball bearings and how they can be used in your next project, visit our product catalog today.

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