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Food-Grade Stainless Steel Bearings with Solid Lube

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In sensitive food-grade applications and corrosive environments, selecting the proper bearings is critical for ensuring optimal system longevity and reliability. In these harsh settings, bearings must provide high performance and durability without the need for frequent maintenance or replacement. Over the years, bearing manufacturers have developed a range of solutions designed to stand up to the general […]

How to Use Split Roller Bearings to Increase Facility Efficiency and Reduce Downtime

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No matter what the specific application or industry focus, efficiency is key for ensuring optimized operations in industrial facilities. But high efficiency means more than just cutting-edge equipment and comprehensive quality assurance; it also means making use of high-quality, reliable components in all machinery and equipment. Doing whatever it takes to keep the machines running. […]

A Closer Look: Cam Follower Bearings and Yoke Rollers

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Cam followers and cam follower bearings are essential components in many industrial operations involving conveyors or process transfer lines. Used in a wide range of industries including power generation, metal processing, packaging, food processing, transportation, automation, and recreation, cam followers are able to be easily mounted and are well-suited for many cam or track roller applications with moderate loads and shock. […]

Ball Bearings: Cost-Effective Quality

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Throughout the years, ball and roller bearings have seen significant reductions in price while quality has improved. Several factors have played a role in this, but production process changes and material quality improvements have most significantly changed the face of the industry. Higher Quality, Lower Prices Prior to universal quality standards, the production process for […]


Thin Section and Miniature Precision Bearings in Robotics

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Bearing Basics With a constant cross section, thin section bearings allow for significant space savings and overall system weight reduction — ideal advantages when designing sophisticated and critical-application products. The cross section, which is usually square, remains constant even in bearings with large bore diameters. Often used when space limitations or specific design configurations prevent […]

Introducing Our Super Precision Bearings

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At Emerson Bearing, we are pleased to announce that we now carry the new Super Precision product line, which includes both roller bearings and ball bearings. Comprised of over 200 bearings across nine different product lines, this is a truly exciting addition to our catalog.

Severe Environments Bearings

3 Severe Environments that Call for Special Bearings

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Generally speaking, the majority of bearings, cam followers, and other rolling elements are manufactured from AISI 52100, a degassed low-alloy chrome steel blend with significant concentrations of chromium and carbon. AISI 52100 has high hardness ratings and excellent resistance to wear and deformation.

Type E Bearings: Toughness and Economy

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Almost every industry uses bearings, but sometimes designers need tough, heavy-duty units that operate reliably in the harshest environments. Type E bearings are a perfect fit for these conditions, rolling smoothly in spite of debris, dirt, water, chemicals, and high temperatures. The other key benefit is that the rolling elements are Timken Tapered Roller bearings […]

Extension of Service Life – The Role of Sealing

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Bearings are fundamental to operating machinery across a diverse array of sectors, ranging from mining, electric motors, and machine tools to transportation, power generation, and robotics. Ensuring their longest possible service life is essential to preventing excessive wear; such wear can lead to system failures, often resulting in costly downtime to rebuild equipment. Engineers can […]

Avoiding Bearing Failure with Rapid Speed Changes

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Speed Changes Bring Fatigue Like any industrial part, hardworking bearings are subject to fatigue from a number of different sources. One important factor to keep in mind for bearings is the effect of rapid speed changes on bearing service life. If companies do not use bearings that are engineered specifically to withstand high speeds and […]

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