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  1. Rick Piracini Leads Printing Division

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    The printing market has made a comeback.

    Due to the increased demand, we’ve created an entire division to specifically cater to prepress, offset, digital printing and paper converting markets.

    Our expert team, led by Rick Piracini, helps determine which bearing technologies would be most suitable by taking into consideration the specifications, recommendations, maintenance strategies, fatigue life and wear resistance of the bearing in relation to the application.



    To achieve the required pin sharp quality, we provide high precision and wear free bearing supports for print rollers. This ensures that the impression cylinder is supported with as little clearance, as much rigidity as possible, and with very few runout errors.

    The NAO style needle bearing with offset cage packets has become the standard. Needle rollers, Cam Followers and yoke rollers are used extensively in the distributor roller drives, gripper shaft controls and throughout the presses.

    Other related products available include: ball bearings, needle bearings, roller bearings, linear motion, free running, mounted units, oil seals, cam followers and rod ends.

    Paper Converting

    The process of converting paper into a usable form has very different bearing requirements. Slitters and rewinders require high speed ball bearings and linear motion bearings that have high running accuracy.

    We provide special solutions to printing and paper converting clients such as the use of “free running” insert bearings and pillow blocks. These have modified seals and slingers on both sides, which allow for low start up torque and effective sealing even in high heat applications.

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