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Measure More Accurately with Action’s Free Digital Calipers

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Plant and facility managers, engineers, architects, designers, and even some home improvement enthusiasts know full well the critical importance of proper measurements. Across projects in almost every industry, the accuracy of measurements can determine the success or failure of the entire endeavor.

At times, operators and designers need to revisit a project because a measurement error is caught at the production stage. These are the lucky cases, when the problem can be addressed, corrected, and the process can be put back on track. The best case, however, is to have as many measurements carried out as correctly as possible at the onset of a project.


Calipers – Essential Measurement Tools

Calipers are devices used to accurately measure distances between two sides of an object. They’ve come a long way from their early resemblance to a compass with inward or outward-facing points. These early “compasses” had their tips adjusted to fit across the length of the object, and then reading the measurement.

Calipers are essential tools for a wide variety of projects and applications, especially in construction and design. Not all calipers, however, are made the same. Varieties of calipers include inside and outside calipers, divider calipers, oddleg calipers, Vernier, and dial calipers. Each of these provide different kinds of readings to various degrees of accuracy.

The Advantage of Digital Calipers

Digital calipers can be the best option for a variety of applications. These are shaped similarly to Vernier calipers, but with the addition of an electronic digital display. This display provides an accurate reading immediately.

Digital calipers can provide worry-free operation at the beginning of a project, especially at the design stage. Using these calipers allow you to avoid calculation mistakes further down the line and ensure that your final product has the high quality and reliability that your customers expect.

This is why Action Bearing is happy to provide a FREE digital caliper with orders of $250 or more. We understand the mission critical role bearings can play in your processes. In order to help you get even more out of your bearings, we are glad to offer these free digital calipers. Consider it a “thank you” for buying your ball bearings from us.

The offer is only available for a limited time, expiring on December 31, 2015. Contact us today to find out how to get your free digital caliper.

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Action Bearing Forms Wastewater Treatment Division

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When you talk about wastewater treatment plants, in many cases, you are talking about facilities that are built, operated and maintained with taxpayer dollars.


So keeping these plants running smoothly and efficiently depends greatly on using the right parts and timely replacement of those parts.

That’s why Action Bearing formed a special wastewater treatmentfacilities division. To keep pumps, drives and valves in a water treatment plant working efficiently 24/7 requires bearings and chains of the highest standard. Emerson Bearing’s offerings include chrome, stainless steel and engineered thermoplastic components.

Worldwide sourcing provides products at several price points. In addition to standard products, related and specialty products to improve efficiency for bearing replacement at wastewater treatment plants are available. For example, Action Bearing sells the Craft Split Roller pillow block, which allows for rapid replacement, reducing downtime and costs.

As part of the new division, wastewater treatment customers have access to industry specialists for recommendations on the right bearing.

Action Bearing Marketing Specialist Mike Quinn is responsible for the Wastewater Treatment division. He can be reached by e-mail at or by calling 1.800.225.4587.

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Action Bearing Launches Plastics Division

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In the film The Graduate, a family friend advised Benjamin Braddock to get into plastics, that there was a great future there. We couldn’t agree more.


That’s why Action Bearing recently launched a new division to supply bearings and related products to the plastics industry. The plastic industry is dominated by extruders and injection molding machines. Both depend greatly on the reliability and durability of its bearings.

In an extruder, the processed plastic is pressed thru a nozzle into a profiled die. The extruder gearbox is subject to high torques as well as high radial and axial loads. This places major importance on the monitoring of bearings and replacement in a timely fashion. Injection molding machines are used for the production of parts in large quantities.

The screw feed and the linear bearings must be insensitive to heat and vibration and have high basic static and dynamic load ratings. Again, regular monitoring, maintenance and replacement of bearings are critical to keeping production schedules. Action Bearing has had great results with some existing clients in the plastics industry.

With this new division, with dedicated marketing and customer service staff for this industry, we will be better equipped to serve current clients and attract new plastics industry clients.

To date, Action Bearing has worked several plastic manufacturers. That includes a company in North Carolina that produces plastic wine corks, a manufacturer that produce plastic bags (including bio degradable plastic bags), and a manufacturer that produces plastic strapping.

The interesting thing about plastics is the industry is a strong indicator of how the economy is doing. During the 2008 recession, the plastic strapping company was only operating seven of its 12 production lines, two shifts per day.

Right now, they are back to three shifts, 24/7. Maybe The Graduate was right.

Action Bearing Marketing Specialist Bill Zylicz is responsible for the Plastics Industry division. He can be reached or 1.866.995.8762.

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Action Bearing Stands Boston Strong with Prosthetics Niche

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As a Boston-based company, the tragedy at the Boston Marathon really hit home.


The recent creation of the prosthetics division gives us a great opportunity to serve many of those victims who received their prosthetic limbs from one of our clients, a local prosthetics company north of Boston. Not to mention the wounded veterans from the last dozen years of conflict overseas.

Led by industry solutions expert, Rick Piracini, Action Bearing’s knowledgeable prosthetics team assists clients in determining which bearing technologies would be most suitable (Control bearings are ball bearings that allow the client to replicate the movement of the ankle). This starts by taking into consideration the specifications, recommendations, maintenance strategies, fatigue life and wear resistance of the bearing in relation to the prosthetic.

All prosthetics bearings receive the highest scrutiny for effectiveness and durability. All movements have to be supported with extremely high precision and reliability in every axis. This provides smooth running, high load capacity, rigidity and long life.

For more information for bearings for prosthetics, you can contact Rick Piracini in the Robotics and Automation division directly at 866-995-8765 or email

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Something Is Brewing at Action Bearing

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The advent of microbreweries has created a very competitive market of businessmen who are passionate about the beer they brew and how it’s received by consumers.

To help keep the production lines moving for these fine lagers requires dependable parts and service. That’s why Action Bearing recently established a Brewer’s Division as part of our efforts to supply bearings and related products to the packaging and food processing industries.

Our Brewer’s Division features bearings for several key parts of the brewing process: mixing, bottling/canning, seaming, labeling and any part of the process involving conveyance. We also sell a number of related products, including: stainless steel mounted units, roller chains, adhesives and sealants, cam followers, rod ends, thrust bearings, control bearings and needle roller bearings.

To date, Action Bearing has been able to assist local brewers like Boston Beerworks and the Mass Bay Brewing Company, makers of Harpoon. We’re looking forward to bringing that same level of customer satisfaction to other brewers in New England.

Action Bearing Marketing Specialist Mike Quinn is responsible for the Brewer’s Division. He can be reached by e-mail at or by calling 866.995.8760.

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Rick Piracini Leads Printing Division

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The printing market has made a comeback.

Due to the increased demand, we’ve created an entire division to specifically cater to prepress, offset, digital printing and paper converting markets.

Our expert team, led by Rick Piracini, helps determine which bearing technologies would be most suitable by taking into consideration the specifications, recommendations, maintenance strategies, fatigue life and wear resistance of the bearing in relation to the application.



To achieve the required pin sharp quality, we provide high precision and wear free bearing supports for print rollers. This ensures that the impression cylinder is supported with as little clearance, as much rigidity as possible, and with very few runout errors.

The NAO style needle bearing with offset cage packets has become the standard. Needle rollers, Cam Followers and yoke rollers are used extensively in the distributor roller drives, gripper shaft controls and throughout the presses.

Other related products available include: ball bearings, needle bearings, roller bearings, linear motion, free running, mounted units, oil seals, cam followers and rod ends.

Paper Converting

The process of converting paper into a usable form has very different bearing requirements. Slitters and rewinders require high speed ball bearings and linear motion bearings that have high running accuracy.

We provide special solutions to printing and paper converting clients such as the use of “free running” insert bearings and pillow blocks. These have modified seals and slingers on both sides, which allow for low start up torque and effective sealing even in high heat applications.

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Lee Holt to Lead Wood Products Division

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Lee Holt has been named Marketing Specialist and will lead our Wood Products Division dedicated to accommodating the unique bearing needs of wood industry customers – from logging to finished cabinetry.


Lee, who has been a key member of our team for 47 years, has been promoted from Inside Sales to Marketing Specialist. Lee has comprehensive knowledge of bearings, having begun his career with us as a part-time warehouse stock assistant when he was a student.After graduating from Boston Trade School of Roxbury, he began working full-time here and received hands-on training in fulfillment and sales. The wood industry spans a variety of bearing requirements.

At the logging level heavy duty mounted units and roller chain are essential as the logs are de-limbed and rough processed at the sawmill. The finishing phases requires saws, planers and finishing equipment that use high-speed spindles that work under great stress while maintaining critical tolerances.

We offer special solutions for the industry including Radial ball bearings with the P53 designation. The Abec 5 precision accommodates high speeds and controlled runout while the C3 internal clearance allows for the stress and heat buildup of high radial loads.

Other related products include Ball Bearings, Roller Bearings, Super Precision Bearings, Mounted Units, Linear Motion, Oil Seals and Spherical Bushings.

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New Power Generation Division Accommodates Utilities’ Bearing Needs

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We’ve launched a Power Generation Division dedicated to accommodating the unique bearing needs of utilities.


Our Power Generation clients include Coal and Gas fired Electric utilities stretching from the Northeast to Guam, Bermuda and the Caribbean.

Rick Piracini, our Marketing Specialist and industry expert, oversees this division and assists clients in determining which bearing technologies would be most suitable by taking into consideration the specifications, recommendations, maintenance strategies, fatigue life and wear resistance of the bearing in relation to the application.

Power generation requires uninterrupted bearing service. Our 24/7 service and inventory are critical to the operations of utility clients.

The ball and roller bearings for the pumps, compressors, electric motors and drives must meet critical internal clearances, cage designs and Abec precision class. Our inventory includes Split Bearing Pillow Blocks, Cylindrical Roller Bearings, Ball Bearings, Type E Pillow Blocks, M2000 Pillow Blocks, Oil Seals and Isolator Seals, Spherical Roller Bearings, Cylindrical Roller Bearings and Spherical Bushings.

Pillow Block bearings have to be a design that allows for easy and prompt replacement. We offer a special solution to utilities – the Craft Split Roller block, which allows for rapid replacement, and ultimately saves on downtime and costs.

We also recommend high-end lubricants such as Kluber or Lubriplate for critical locations to better match lubricant service life to bearing B 10 life ratings.

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Attend Action Bearing’s Engineering Seminars

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One of the services Action Bearing provides is Engineering Seminars for companies located in the greater Boston area.

These Engineering Seminars are held on-site for a company’s employees. A senior field service engineer from the factory that we represent educates staff about bearings and related parts.

Most recently, we spoke at Schnitzer Northeast in Everett, MA, which is the metals recycling yard, port and regional office of Schnitzer Steel Industries, Inc., a leading global metal recycler.

Our Engineering Seminars are designed to educate clients about bearings and related parts required for their machinery, which manufactures, processes or recycles products. Bearings often operate in unique performance conditions such as dirty and biohazardous environments, extremely hot/cold temperatures and environments where chemicals, radiation, speed/velocity and size play a major role.

Our experts educate a company’s employees about the factors involved in the smooth operation of bearings and ultimately in the prevention of premature bearing failure. A dry, dirty environment is typically an environment that generates some kind of dust. A wet, dirty environment often involves water or a chemical that emulsifies with the oil (bearing lubricant), which causes the bearing to fail.

To give you an example, worn seals on linear bearings that are used in a dirty environment will enable contamination. Even with the best design, lubrication and installation, bearing failure will occur if the operating environment is not taken into consideration.

Our Engineering Seminars help companies eliminate the guesswork, avoid costly downtime and ensure maximum operational efficiency.