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  1. Attend Action Bearing’s Engineering Seminars

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    One of the services Action Bearing provides is Engineering Seminars for companies located in the greater Boston area.

    These Engineering Seminars are held on-site for a company’s employees. A senior field service engineer from the factory that we represent educates staff about bearings and related parts.

    Most recently, we spoke at Schnitzer Northeast in Everett, MA, which is the metals recycling yard, port and regional office of Schnitzer Steel Industries, Inc., a leading global metal recycler.

    Our Engineering Seminars are designed to educate clients about bearings and related parts required for their machinery, which manufactures, processes or recycles products. Bearings often operate in unique performance conditions such as dirty and biohazardous environments, extremely hot/cold temperatures and environments where chemicals, radiation, speed/velocity and size play a major role.

    Our experts educate a company’s employees about the factors involved in the smooth operation of bearings and ultimately in the prevention of premature bearing failure. A dry, dirty environment is typically an environment that generates some kind of dust. A wet, dirty environment often involves water or a chemical that emulsifies with the oil (bearing lubricant), which causes the bearing to fail.

    To give you an example, worn seals on linear bearings that are used in a dirty environment will enable contamination. Even with the best design, lubrication and installation, bearing failure will occur if the operating environment is not taken into consideration.

    Our Engineering Seminars help companies eliminate the guesswork, avoid costly downtime and ensure maximum operational efficiency.